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On YOUR Terms?
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One year of membership in our Eyes Wide Open Group Coaching program with weekly coaching to build your life and income awake, aware and on your terms. ($2,364 Value)

This includes Life, Legal, Business Financial, and Relational Advice. We will support you in building your business with hands-on copy editing, launch strategy, and income-model structuring and restructuring. On top of that, as an experienced entrepreneur and lawyer, I will guide you through the stickiest of situations, as they arise. 

You cannot get this combination of business, inter-personal, spiritual, & legal experience anywhere else, and certainly not at this investment. 
Immediate Access to our Private Member's Forum for 24/7 Support + Networking to Build Your Eyes Wide Open Life and Income. (Priceless)

Our members are heart-centered, caring, supportive, collaborative entrepreneurs, and those on their way to entrepreneurship. Start connecting now.

Behind the Scenes, Live Access to our Weekly Strategic Team Meetings.

You get to come behind the scenes and see exactly how we build out our business model to remain in alignment with the lives and desires of each of our team members. We’re building a true “share the wealth” company and you get to watch. (This membership benefit is perfect for those of you who love to learn by watching, not just by getting coached to do it yourself.)

Priority Access to Our Vetted Vendors Rolodex to Support You In Building Your Life and Business Awake, Aware and On Your Terms. 
I have invested millions of dollars in trying and testing various different business models and the vendors that go along with supporting each of those business models. I’ve gotten ripped off many times and, through all of the trial and error I’ve found the real winners. Before you make any significant business investment, you’ll bring it to the Eyes Wide Open Collective and we’ll help you identify whether it’s the next best investment for you, how to ensure you make the most of your investment and you’ll have priority access to the people we love to work with in our own lives and businesses.
Priority Access to All New Offerings + Money Map Masters at a Soul Level Member's Discount. 
We intend to release new trainings in 2016 around how to work with your bookkeeper and accountant to save yourself tons of time and money plus set yourself up to always know exactly what you need to earn, which is the foundation of confidence in every eyes wide open business.
You've Seen Alexis Neely On:
Worth more than the entire investment in the one-year Soul Level membership
Our Money Map Phase 1 program to create crystal clarity on right relationship with your time, money, and how you get paid.
You will complete Phase 1 with absolute clarity on:
   > the life you want,
   > the income you need to have it,
   > the time you have to create that income,
   > and the outline of the income model that matches your vision.
Stop the mind spin and take the right steps in the right order. I'll teach you how to use your Time, Energy, Attention, and Money (TEAM) resources the most efficiently and effectively  to create it -- or recreate it -- all, as you really, really, really, REALLY want it. 

 Check out the details of Money Map Phase 1 here 

WARNING: Do not attempt to build or expand your income model without absolute clarity about the life your really want and the income model that will serve that life, or you risk wasting significant resources, spinning your wheels, constantly struggling, or getting what you thought you wanted only to find out that wasn't it.

After spending years in the online world investing in every coach and course I could get my hands on and trying out all the business models, I've created a system that will significantly shortcut your path to a life and income that allows you to live the truth of who you are.

Regular Investment $500.

Video Recordings of Strategic Vision Planning Sessions With In-Person Clients and the Eyes Wide Open team. Priceless
Money Map Life and Income Planning Session With a trained and licensed Money Map Master™ Upon Enrollment. Regular Investment: $500
Enroll in Each of the Membership benefits Seperately and You'd Invest $5,400.  
Join the One-Year Eyes Wide Open Membership for Only

$197/month for 12 months 
Or pay in full and you'll receive an additional bonus of our Enough Course, the Credit Course + our Manifestation Program
- sold seperately for $247

Only $1970
No-Risk Guarantee Below!
Secure payments.
The Eyes Wide Open No Pressure Policy + No-Risk Guarantee
If you resonate with what I've shared here or on one of my trainings, please join us. However, if you are interested in the membership because you feel manipulated in any way or due to a fear of missing out, rather than because you are sincerely ready to come into right relationship with time, money and how you get paid please do not enroll in this membership, as we are specifically untangling the parts of you that make decisions from that place. We are not here to participate in creating that experience for you.

If you feel our membership supports you on your path or truth, depth, transformation, and kindness, then we are already doing what we've set out to do and would love to have you join us.

No matter how great a program is, we know it’s not going to be a perfect fit for absolutely everyone. That’s why you get to try it out and make sure it is right for you and your life and your work in the world.

Once you have joined us, if you dive into the work (that means completing modules 1-5 of the Money Map and getting on at least one of the coaching calls with Alexis and speaking with her live on the coaching call) and the program has not benefited you, just let us know and we’ll refund your money. (We will ask for your valued feedback, of course.)
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