Get This Handled Now: Your FREE Personal Resource Map From Ali Katz, Author of Best-Selling Book on Legal Planning for Families + Trainer of Over 2,641 Lawyers Across the United States

Create Your Personal Resource Map
An Inventory of What Matters to You ...
For the People You Love
Free For You + Everyone You Love, From The Privacy of Your Home

It's Like a Treasure Map For Your Family ... From You

Here's What I Cover on the Training: 
  • The most important legal steps you can take right now for your family, including what you can do yourself, what you want to have a lawyer to do, and how to prioritize so you know what to do first.
  • ​3 conversation starters to help you discuss these matters with family members, especially if they are resistant or have been totally unwilling to discuss these matters in the past.
  • How to create an inventory of everything you own, where it is and how to access it for the people you love. Whether you have an estate plan or not, it’s like you do not have an updated and comprehensive inventory of what matters most to you for the people you love. Take an hour and get this done.
  • ​You'll leave with online access to our "Create Your Personal Resource Map" tool to use for free.

Not Sure Whether to Watch? 
Consider This ... 

If the unexpected were to happen to you (or your parents, siblings, or grandparents) ...

• Do your loved ones know where all of your assets are located? Crypto? Money? Passwords? The old IRA even you've forgotten about? Do you know how to find what your parent's have?
• Would you know who to call, how to get access, and would your family know what you want to happen to everything you own?

• Is everything documented clearly in one place, easy to find?

• Or would your hard-earned resources become part of the $58B lost to the state government because your family doesn't know?

• Are you (and they) truly prepared?

Now is the time to make sure you've documented what you have, that your parent's have documented what they have, and to make sure the people that matter know where it all is and how to find and access everything you have and would leave behind.

Attend this live, online training with Lawyer and Best-Selling Author, Ali Katz, and get your own Personal Resource Map created now.

Bring your parents, and get it done for them as well. If they are resistant, tell them it's free, and will help you, if something happens to them. Take an hour now to save a lifetime of frustration and the real risk of loss for your family.

Even if you have an estate plan and financial planner, you still need this simple one sheet to guide your loved ones with exactly what to do, who to call, passwords, etc. You may have done 90% of the heavy lifting with your advisors already. THIS is the 10% that makes it all pay.

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